Graduate Student - Ziortza Gandarias
Ziortza Gandarias

Ziortza Gandariasís (Galdakao, Basque Country, 1987) field is literature. After finishing a degree in Basque philology at the University of Deusto, she completed a masterís degree in education at the University of Deusto and in Basque philology and applied linguistics at the University of the Basque Country (EHU-UPV). She collaborated with the University of Deustoís phonetic laboratory and MUNCE (a project about criminal novels and womenís roles . Her work in recent years has focused on teaching (secondary school). At the Center for Basque Studies, she plans research to evaluate and analyze the contribution made by Basque intellectuals and writers exiled in Latin America, through their translation of world literature into Euskara (Basque), to shaping literary prose in the Basque language after the Spanish Civil War. Her supervisor is Xabier Irujo.