Basque Language Student Wins Gold

CBS language student, Alexander (Alex) Wade, competed in the 2012 International Linguistic Olympiad (IOL) this summer in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Alex, a graduate of UNRís Davidson Academy, took three years of Basque language with CBSís Kate Camino. Alex attended the IOL as a member of the North American team, made up of eight other Americans and four Canadians. Alexís team, USA Blue, won first place in the competition and Alex won an individual gold medal. The IOL consists of two events. The first event is an individual test. This year the test had problems about the languages Dyirbal, Umbu Ungu, Teop, Rotuman, and Basque. Alex won prizes for the best solutions to the Basque and Rotuman problems in the individual competition. The second IOL event is the team contest. This year the contestants were asked to decipher a list of 57 countries written in Lao. Contestants had to apply their knowledge about how languages work as well as logic and reasoning skills in order to decipher the unfamiliar languages and writing systems.

Alex is currently attending Exeter Academy where he hopes to be able to continue his Basque studies independently. For more information on the 2012 International Liguistics Olympiad click here.