The Center for Basque Studies Welcomes Ander Caballero

On May 30th the Center for Basque Studies welcomed the Delegate of Euskadi to the United States, Ander Caballero. Ander was greeted by the Center’s staff as well as members of the local Basque community. The meet and greet included traditional Basque performances by bertsolari Jesus Goņi and Basque dancer Mariluz Garcia. The Euskadi delegation is based in New York with Ander serving as the Delegate for the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Speaking at the event, Ander reaffirmed the Basque government’s commitment to maintaining great relations between Basques around the world and the Basque government and to developing new ways of working together.

Ander Caballero and Jesus Goņi at the welcome reception on May 30, 2013

The Center for Basque Studies staff welcomes Ander Caballero

Mariluz Garcia performing a traditional Basque dance