CBS Teaches Campers about Basque Culture!

The Center for Basque Studies recently visited the Nevada State 4H camp in South Lake Tahoe to teach campers about Basque culture. The Center’s Publication crew taught campers about Herri Kirolak (Basque Rural Sports) and played the traditional sporting games giza-abere probak (dragging games), makil tira (stick pulling), and oilar jokoa (the chicken game) with campers. First, the campers were taught to count in Basque before being split into four teams that used their newfound counting skills (taldeak bat, bi, hiru, lau—Basque for team 1, 2, 3, 4). The campers pulled heavy boxes in team relay races in the dragging game, played two-person tug-of-war for makil tira (using a swim noodle rather than the traditional Basque makila), and had to work as a team to find the chicken (a rubber chicken rather than the real thing) in the oilar jokoa game. The campers finished their day with a group irrintzi, or traditional Basque yell.

Campers pull heavy boxes during the giza-abere probak, or dragging game.

CBS’s Daniel Montero directs campers toward the Herri Kirolak, or Basque Rural Sports, competition!

Campers have fun with bota bags!