Fall Courses

Do you have a hole in your Fall schedule that needs to be filled? Consider taking one of our Basque language and culture courses or working on earning a Basque Studies Minor.

Our Fall courses include:

Basque 101: Elementary Basque I
Start learning Basque with instructor Kate Camino!
Basque 203: Second Year Basque
Continue your education in the fascinating Basque language, Euskara.
Basque 220: Introduction to Basque Cultural Studies in a Global Frame
Professor Joseba Zulaika leads this intriguing look at modern Basque culture and its relationship with the rest of world.
Basque 378: Basque Transnationalism in the United States
Professor Xabier Irujo looks at Basque in the United States and how they view Basque and U.S. nationalism
Basque 471/671: Basque Culture
Professor Joseba Zulaika illuminates Basque culture in its many facets.

For more information on Basque Studies courses and the Basque Studies Minor click here.