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Two Basque Stories

About the Author:
Bernardo Atxaga Bernardo Atxaga (pseudonym of Jose Irazu), is a Basque writer who began his career publishing in the Basque language, Euskera. Atxaga graduated in Economics from the Bilbao University and later studied Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. Atxaga is the most widely translated writer in the Basque language and has been awarded the most literary prizes. National and international recognition arrived with his 1988 book, Obabakoak. Atxaga recieved the National Literature Prize for Obabakoak and saw his book translated into more than twenty languages. In Two Basque Stories Atxaga tells of the complex lives lived in the “rustic” Basque village of Obaba and explores the creative process of identity.

About the Illustrator:
Antton Olariaga Antton Olariaga was born in Usurbil in the province of Gipuzkoa in 1946. Olariaga first studied fine art in Valencia and then continued his schooling in Bilbao. While in Valencia he started working at the Las Provincias newspaper collaborating as a cartoonist, then later in the famous magazine Cuadernos para el Dialogo. After working for a time in publicity, and testing his “Basqueness,” he was offered a job by the Zeruko Argia magazine and the chance to work in his native language, Euskera. His work at Zeruko Argia was the beginning of his contributions to Euskalgintza. Later, Olariaga returned to Bilbao and began collaborating with presses such as Anaitasuna and publishing houses such as Saioka. In Two Basque Stories, Olariaga’s unique illustrations subtly compliment Bernardo Atxaga’s simple, yet deceptively complex stories.