April 27–29, 2006
Reno, Nevada

2006  International Symposium on Diaspora Politics

Opportunity Structures in Diaspora Relations:
Comparisons in Contemporary Multi-level Politics
of Diaspora and Transnational Identity

World renowned experts will be investigating and debating the following areas: What are the main characteristics and organizational structures of contemporary ethno-national diasporas, and to what extent might their relationships and political agency with their homeland and host-society governments develop? Which communal strategies and tactics (and in which circumstances) are used by diasporas and which are most effective at influencing global affairs, particularly the foreign policy of central governments? What opportunity structures exist for diasporas in the post-modern and trans-state social, economic and political systems, and which are the most essential to foster and/or exploit (progression of spatial, historical, temporal factors)? In what ways do diaspora activities, and ethno-national identity maintenance in general, influence social and political security issues both domestically and in foreign policy?

The Symposium will consist of presentations and discussions of papers given by confirmed invitees including Thomas Abraham, Kim Butler, Nergis Canefe, Robin Cohen, William A. Douglass, Michel Laguerre, Razmik Panossian, William Safran, Gabriel Sheffer, Khachig Tölölyan, and Gloria Totoricagüena.


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