May 15–17, 2008

University of Nevada, Reno
 Reno, Nevada


L. Fernandez Cifuentes

M. Landa

A. Martin

M. Meabe
Photo by Zaldi Ero

M.J. Olaziregi

X. Pla


Conference Presenters -  CVs (2):

Luis Fernandez Cifuentes – “Charting National Territories: The Excursion Mode.”
Luis Fernandez Cifuentes is the Robert S. and Ilse Friend Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University (Chair of Romance Languages and Literatures). Born in Leon, Spain, he studied Romance philology at the University of Madrid and received his doctorate in Romance languages at Princeton University. He taught at Princeton for thirteen years before moving to Harvard in 1988. In 1994 he was Juan Carlos I Visiting Professor at New York University. He has published three books, five editions, nearly sixty articles, and has reviewed over thirty-five books. His primary field of expertise is Spanish contemporary literature. He is especially interested in literary history, urban studies, autobiography, travel books, and the history of reading. His recent publications include Spain beyond Spain: Modernity, Literary History, and National Identity, ed. Luis Fernández Cifuentes and Bradley S. Epps (Bucknell University Press, 2005).

Mariasun Landa – “Identidad. Lengua. Creación (Una visión autobiográfica)” (Identity, Language, Creation. (An Autobiographical Approach)).
Mariasun Landa has published twenty-seven books, and is one of the most widely translated Basque authors. She is a philosophy graduate from the Sorbonne and currently teaches at the University of the Basque Country. She has also taught at primary schools and in Basque language academies. She has received many literary prizes in the Basque Country, including the Lizardi Prize (1982), the Euskadi Prize (1991) for Izeba txikia (The Little Aunt), and the Antonio María Labaien Prize (2002). She has also been awarded several international prizes: the White Ravens in 2002 for Elefante corazón de pájaro (The Bird-Hearted Elephant, 2001) and the 2003 Spanish Premio Nacional for children and young people’s literature for Un cocodrilo bajo la cama (A Crocodile Under the Bed, 2004). Throughout her literary career as a children’s and young people’s author she has continually explored different literary techniques and styles. For Landa, portraying intense and universal human emotions in a simple way is the greatest challenge for a writer in her field. Her autobiography, La fiesta en la habitación de al lado (Erein, 2007), is her latest work.

Annabel Martín is an Associate Professor of Spanish, Comparative Literature, and Women’s and Gender Studies at Dartmouth College. Working within the field of cultural studies and with a particular interest in nationalism, her research and publications pay special attention to the narratives of cultural and gender identity in contemporary Spanish culture. She is the author of the book, La gramática de la felicidad: Relecturas franquistas y posmodernas del melodrama (2005) on mass culture and its multiple political readings from early Francoism to the more contemporary period. Currently, she is studying the cultural context surrounding the end of ETA terrorism in Spain and the role the arts play in processes of reconciliation in her forthcoming Rest in Peace: The Basque Political Contours of the Arts, a collaborative project with Basque artists Bernardo Atxaga, Julia Otxoa, Ricardo Ugarte, Luisa Etxenike, and Helena Taberna, among others. Annabel Martín is also a member of a research team at the Universitat de València (Spain) studying tourism and national identity, and is on the editorial advisory board of Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies.

Miren Agur Meabe – “Cinco razones para escribir en la lengua del barrio” (Five Reasons to Write in the Language of the Neighborhood).
Miren Agur Meabe is a teacher and has a degree in Basque philology. She taught at a Basque school (ikastola) in Bilbao for some years, but since 1992 she has been an editor at the Giltza-Edebé publishing house where she is now senior editor. Meabe has received many prizes, including the 1991 Lasarte-Oria Poetry Prize for the collection Oi, ondarrezko emakaitz! (Oh, Wild Woman of Sand!). In 1997 she received the Imagina Ezazu Euskadi prize for the volume Ohar Orokorrak (General Notes). In 2001 she received the Spanish Critics’ Prize for the collection Azalaren Kodea (The Code of the Skin), and in 2002 and 2007 the Euskadi prize for Itsalabarreko etxea (The Cliff House) and Urtebete itsasargian (A Year at the Lighthouse). Her poems have been translated into several languages and published internationally in magazines and anthologies such as A ponte das palabras. Poesia vasca 1990–2000 (Galician), Comentàrio (Portuguese), Metamorphoses, The Atlanta Review, and Transcript Review (English), Etzikoak (Slovenian), Literatur und Kritik (German). Her 2000 collection Azalaren Kodea (The Code of the Skin) was widely acclaimed and has been published in both Spanish and Catalan. Some of her more recent work has been published in the anthology Poetikak & Poemak (Poetics & Poems).

Mari Jose Olaziregi – “Old Nations, New Identities: Basque Literature and Its Others.”
Mari Jose Olaziregi is an Associate Professor with tenure at the University of the Basque Country (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain), and since July 2007 an Assistant Professor at the Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, Reno. She also has an M.A. in the Promotion of Reading Habits from the Ramon Llull University (Barcelona), and an M.A. in Studies in Fiction at the University of East Anglia (UK). Since 2003, she has been the editor of the Basque Literature Series at the Center for Basque Studies and the director of the www.basqueliterature.com website. Her publications include Euskal eleberriaren historia (History of the Basque Novel, 2001), and Waking the Hedgehog. The Literary Universe of Bernardo Atxaga (University of Nevada Press, 2005; translated from Basque by Amaia Gabantxo). She has edited anthologies such as An Anthology of Basque Short Stories (Center for Basque Studies, 2004) and Six Basque Poets (Arc Publications, 2007). She is presently editing A History of Basque Literature (Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, Reno, 2008). Her research interests include Basque literature, twentieth-century comparative literature, literary and cultural theory, post-modernism, gender studies, and Basque cultural studies.

Xavier Pla (Girona, 1966) is Professor in Catalan Contemporary Literature and Literary Theory in the Department of Philology and Philosophy of the Universitat de Girona. He is the author of Josep Pla, ficció autobiogràfica i veritat literària (Quaderns Crema, 1997) for which he received the 1998 Crítica Serra d’Or Award. He specializes in autobiography, self-fiction, journalism, and life narrative experiences. He has published many books on Josep Pla, Eugeni d’Ors, and Eugeni Xammar. He is also the author of Simenon i la connexio catalana (Tresiquatre, 2007 Joan Fuster Essay Award), about the influence of George Simenon in the Catalan novel, and the curator of Claudio Magris, els llocs de l’escriptura (Edicions de 1984, 2008).


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