Chronicler: Rosie and Sil Uriguen

Interviewer: Gretchen Holbert

Date: 6/9/86

Subject: Paradise Valley Hotels

Only recorded on side 1


0:10†††††††† Paradise Hotel

0:24†††††††† had theater and stage

0:42†††††††† granite bar

0:50†††††††† Auditorium burned

1:03†††††††† quarry out of paradise, Italians quarried stone

1:25†††††††† Paradise Catholic church made out of this stone

1:43†††††††† Silís motherís oldest sister came to Paradise first and brought the rest of the family

2:04†††††††† Chimney Creek

2:25†††††††† Solaegui

3:17†††††††† Paradise Hotel had boarders

3:39†††††††† Silís aunt had laundry service; her name Sinfarosa (?)

4:25†††††††† Silís uncle Gus had the hotel

4:47†††††††† Sinfarosa was midwife

5:45†††††††† Sinfarosa died in her 90s

6:20†††††††† Silís mother worked at the hotel for Viviana and later Johnny Yurreta and Justo Zabala

7:30†††††††† prohibition; ďprohibesĒ

8:06†††††††† miners slept upstairs

8:24†††††††† the city police warned the hotel about the prohibes and immigration

8:47†††††††† Overland in Winnemucca

9:05†††††††† ďprohibesĒ

9:15†††††††† Silís mom worked at the Telescope and the Star in Elko when she separated from† his father

10:10†††††† Basque tables for herders and cowboys and other tables for small groups

10:29†††††† Vick Markategi cooked; Silís mom was a waitress

10:37†††††† prohibes caught Viviana; and Silís stepfather did time for her

11:48†††††† Viviana

12:31†††††† Cendagorta

12:44†††††† Justo Zabala

13:05†††††† Bush Hotel; had a bowling Alley, lots of rooms; burned down on a Christmas night

13:30†††††† Winnemucca hotel had a handball court

13:49†††††† Auditorium burned down; they tore down Gastanagaís place

13:55†††††† Cochero had a couple butcher shops

14:16†††††† Cochero had a bar; burned down Gastanagaís place

15:12†††††† 1950s

15:40†††††† There were two Echeverria families in Paradise that were not related; Echeverria and Echevarria:Silís aunt married one

16:10†††††† Jack Smith was accountant

16:37†††††† granite hitching post

17:06†††††† granite; Pasqualis and Bojos (?); Italians were stone masons

17:40†††††† Basques were involved in sheep business; Chinese, Indians, Italians, Germans mostly worked on ranches; Schwartz, Stuarts

19:11†††††† Alzola, Frosty

19:27†††††† Wild Horse

19:34†††††† Joe Legarza

19:50†††††† Fritz Buckingham in Paradise

20:25†††††† Frank Aramburu in Paradise

21:10†††††† Mrs. Mendiola and Mrs. Gabica

21:20†††††† Ethel Hornbarger was an Etchegoyen

21:27†††††† Philip Egazki had a grocery store

22:18†††††† Frenchie (?) had some photos of the hotel

22:44†††††† John Yurreta, Pete Yurreta, Louis Bilbao all owned the hotel

23:23†††††† Mendiola

23:43†††††† ďLola Loca,Ē and† Santi Mendieta, had hotels

25:12†††††† Sara Gartiz

25:29†††††† Toni Gartiz

26:39†††††† Pete Gartiz

26:42†††††† END SIDE 1