Chronicler: Sil and Rosie Uriguen

Interviewer: Gretchen Holbert

Subject Martin Hotel, Winnemucca, NV

Date: 6/9/86



2:56†††††††† Tape starts

3:06†††††††† bar and kitchen remodel

3:20†††††††† Silís mother used to worked there (Martin Hotel), when it came up for sale, he wanted to buy it

4:09†††††††† took it over in 1951

4:28†††††††† had a good local crowd; it was small, made the money on the bar; typical of family-style establishment

5:12†††††††† had a Basque cook

5:54†††††††† had another guy for 7 years that jumped ship, was afraid of immigration

6:44†††††††† speaker had to cook when she couldnít find dependable cook

7:33†††††††† speaker was glad to get out of restaurant

7:58†††††††† second generation (speakerís generation) didnít fit into that lifestyle

8:38†††††††† Viviana, Pete Irueta Justo, Pepper had hotel at different times

9:11†††††††† 1973 left Martin hotel; had it for 22 years

9:30†††††††† had boarders; had 13 or 14 rooms, mostly Basque guys, some construction workers

10:08†††††† $70.00 a month for three meals a day

10:51†††††† they were mother, father, doctor, babysitter, etc. to boarders

11:05†††††† speaker had negative attitude about hotel, but made the best of it

11:25†††††† speaker was from Basque heritage; grew up in Ely, Mom died when she was 6 or 7, raised in convent, understood Basque, but didnít speak it much. Spent summers in Ogden at hotel owned by Basque friends. †Marrubis had Royal Hotel Ė they took them in in high school, they spoke Basque with them

12:31†††††† speaker speaks Spanish, too

12:59†††††† speaker proud to be Basque; has one daughter, can understand some Basque

14:08†††††† Boise was the big Basque thing

14:22†††††† In Ogden there were maybe 7 families, then she was embarrassed to be Basque

14:54†††††† Marrubis were like parents to her.† Speaker was an Achabal. Her dad was a sheepman

15:17†††††† Pio Achabal

15:44†††††† enjoyed the Royal Hotel

15:58†††††† tried to get Basque organization going; Jim Juasoro and Domingo Ansotegui used to come down to Winnemucca to play for dances; started out on a small scale

16:15†††††† problems in club

16:34†††††† mus

17:00†††††† briska; learned in Spain

17:27†††††† her dad came when he was 17; he went back to Spain, sold pine trees; speaker went to visit when her daughter graduated from 8th grade, learned briska then

19:00 ††††† playing mus

20:03†††††† solo; played as† kids

20:37†††††† herders used to play cards at the Martin

21:26†††††† learned about Basques through the hotel in Ogden, although she grew up among Basques

22:03†††††† people didnít know much about Basques

22:28†††††† when young they were ashamed of being Basque

22:49†††††† maiden name was Achabal; some people put an ďrĒ in it Ė Archabal, they finally did, too Ė that way in class they werenít too ashamed

24:02†††††† sister lives in Salt Lake

24:11†††††† likes her Basque background now

24:44†††††† herders

24:54†††††† didnít have women in the hotel

25:20†††††† construction workers stayed there; liked the atmosphere

25:53†††††† met a lot of lovely people; Paul Laxalt and his brother and Pete Echeverria used to go to hotel

26:36†††††† END SIDE 1




0:17†††††††† Sil put in extra bathroom

0:32†††††††† Sil built a little place in back of hotel

0:57†††††††† Judge Brown

1:22†††††††† work day; served breakfast, lunch Ė ranchers would come, evening steak, french fries

2:14†††††††† general public supported them, Basque people didnít go out

2:45†††††††† had homemade soup and beans, salad, second big course, stew, meatballs, Fridays always had cod fish

3:38†††††††† between knee and ankle makes best roast

4:03†††††††† wine came with the meal

4:10†††††††† $1.25 for a meal when they first started; before they left they had it up to 4 dollars

4:46†††††††† next guys had it up to 9 dollars

5:08†††††††† got meat out of Idaho

5:17†††††††† used to make chorizos

5:30†††††††† Pio Achabal; butchered pig

5:53†††††††† made morcillas once

6:12†††††††† made chorizos every year, cured hams

6:42†††††††† new years eve dances

6:50†††††††† during rodeo had dances

6:58†††††††† there was a time when the teenagers stated coming, caused problems with police, so they put a stop to it

7:30†††††††† Jimmy Jausoro, Domingo Ansotegui

7:53†††††††† in November they had a big dance; thatís where she learned to do the Jota and Porrusalda; a gal came down and stayed at the Martin hotel and showed them the steps and thatís how they learned

9:04†††††††† speaker and sister came one summer to Winnemucca to visit Purificacion Arrate.

10:09†††††† Martin Gastanaga had a drugstore

10:39†††††† Gastanaga offered her a job when she was not quite 19.† In Nevada you made twice the wages as in Utah.† She worked at the drugstore.† Martin treated her very well.

11:41†††††† Martin Gastanaga went to Reno later.† Took her under his wing

12:34†††††† met Sil in the drugstore; that was the hangout for the kids

13:20†††††† development in downtown

13:42†††††† Safeway store in Elko

14:04†††††† grocery stores, prices, etc.

15:01†††††† change in Winnemucca

15:26†††††† Frenchís had potato factory in Winnemucca, sold to someone else

15:55†††††† Basque immigration to Winnemucca, conditions changed in Spain, 3 year contracts for herding here, they arenít living on the baserris

16:46†††††† Sil enters (other speaker is Gretchenís mom)

17:12†††††† Silís parents were from Bizkaia, he was born in Paradise

17:30†††††† parents separated when he was young; mom remarried and they moved to Winnemucca, she worked at the Martin Hotel

18:07†††††† 1920 and 30ís Viviana at Star Hotel she married Fred Bengoa

18:53†††††† Sil had 2 sisters

19:03†††††† mom died young of brain tumor in 1928 or 29 when she was 50

19:33†††††† when she got sick she was working in Battle Mountain

20:08†††††† fatherís family was from Paradise Valley

20:26†††††† over 100 at recent family reunion; most families had 7 or 8 kids

20:51†††††† Bob Echeverria from Elko

21:20†††††† hotel in Paradise; 1938 it burned down, it had 2 balconies, theater, dance floor, rooms.† One old lady and her son lived there when he remembers it; it was called the Auditorium Hotel

22:56†††††† Paradise Hotel

23:22†††††† Silís uncle Gus (Agustin) Echeverria and Santi Arriola had the Paradise Hotel.† Gastanaga had a hotel. Cochero had butcher shop

25:12†††††† tore the Paradise hotel down.† Bruno Gastanaga had a very small hotel.

26:00†††††† Caseís (?) store had everything

26:46†††††† Mountain City

26:56†††††† END SIDE 2