Chronicler: Pio Achabal

Jack Creek, NV


Subject: Jack Creek


Side 1

00:00- 13:30 His mother, where from in Basque country. Father came to Winnemucca first, then Paradise Valley then Galconda as a carpenter. How his father came to the US; jumped ship and was deported and then made it 2nd time. When father came to Winnemucca he ran sheep. About the boarding house that his mother lived at in Jack Creek, NV. Mother's cousin was already there. He was born in Jack Creek in 1908, as was his sister four years later. Description of the boarding house. They moved when Pio was 5 years old to another place (Thompson's Place). He didn't like working sheep, so he switched over to cattle. How he met his wife, how long they've been married, where she came from.


13:31- 21:40 More about the Jack Creek boarding house. About the boarding house him and his wife had. When he bought the Upper Jack Creek boarding house he fixed it up and added a store. Was not really a boarding house, more likely his private home. Often had hunters come to stay with them.


21:42- 27:34 About the hunters that stayed at the boarding house. What it was like at the house. A story about an old guy named Abe and dynamite. More about Abe; another story about a man who died in the outhouse.


27:35- When he came to Elko ( April of '59). About how many stills were around in the country. About a dinner station owned by ?


33:17- About living in the Star Hotel. About various hotels. Celebrations in the area, parties. About an interesting old lady. He was baptized in the Overland Hotel (in the kitchen). What they ate in the hotels boarding ($30/mo). More living in the Star Hotel. He is the oldest Basque living in the area that was born there and lived there all his life. What year his mother died in Elko, when father died. How they dealt with people dying (wakes, where kept bodies). About an old guy who died in the desert. He and his friends went to pee on his grave. Ends 46:20 or so.