Chronicler: Mary Aguirre

Interviewer: Gretchen Holbert

Subject: Nevada Hotel

Location: Elko, NV

Date: 7/17/86


0:04         bought the ranch in 1948 or 49

0:18         wasnít reluctant to get into the Nevada Hotel because some of the best times of her life had been in the Star Hotel

0:36         Silver Spoon Award

1:16         got into Nevada Hotel in 1951

1:35         in addition to boarders werenít that many extra diners

2:04         there was no menu, but on Sunday they had roasted chicken

2:49         rice with clams; fixed it in big roaster, minced garlic in olive oil, add minced parsley, water, rice, clams, salt and pepper.

3:58         Linda was born in 1952

4:35         only had one bathroom

4:55         Got live clams from Reno

5:36         11 room in the Nevada in the 19590ís

5:49         Star Hotel; Pete Jauregui, Old man Liparelli

6:31         the West Hotel, Liparelliís owned it; Vanderzuzen wanted to buy it

7:33         Julio Aroztegui (?) told Maryís dad that Domingo Osabas, Joe Jauristi wanted to buy land between the Nevada Hotel and Julioís

8:37         Bernardo Yanci and Joe Jauristi finally bought the land

8:51         Stephanie Yanci lived with Mary Aguirre at the Nevada Hotel when she got to this country.  She told Bernardo that if he fenced that lot in, not to come see her anymore.

9:24         Yanci and Jauristi asked for rent for parking from speakerís family

9:38         Sam Richter (?) bought lot from them and speakerís family bought it from Richter

10:22       speaker thought they could make a good living with the restaurant

10:46       the Star got too commercialized, food and atmosphere changed

11:15       home cooking, longer hours, separate tables

11:46       in 50s and 60s clientele changed people are more particular

12:35       herders took care of her kids, took them for walks, played cards, etc.

13:00       daughter Linda worked for her for awhile, but in junior high started goofing off so Mary fired her and she went to work at the Star Hotel

13:19       Roseta

13:36       her son Billy cooked at the Nevada, Micky tended bar

13:52       at first they were open 7 days a week; then they closed Sundays and later Mondays, too

14:35       need to know all the departments

15:14       the only thing she didnít learn was to run the dishwasher

15:49       Ana Mari

16:40       people got more particular over the 34 years that she was there

17:20       got into steak and fries because you can cook that as itís ordered; people didnít want tripe, pigsí feet

18:21       menu wasnít the proprietorís idea, it was a necessity of the customers; itís the Basque seasoning they like not the pigsí feetÖ

19:05       Ana Mari wonít fix stuff like pigsí feet, tongue, tripe anymore, serves fish now, leg of lamb roast, etc.

20:01       her mom never served pork chops without apple sauce although itís not Basque

20:20       no boarders anymore

20:50       when they moved from the hotel to Cedar Street, the boarders that were left used to go down to the kitchen and fix their own breakfast

21:09       at the Star hotel breakfast used to be eggs or eggs and chorizos

21:24       making chorizos; difference between Spanish Basque and French Basque

22:36       cooking sheep head, her dad cooked it, her mom refused

23:20       Rocky Mountain oysters

23:52       bacalao

24:23       choriceros in bacalao; or salsa verde; different ways of preparing

25:27       Ana Mari (Osamaz) was 26 when she married Manuel, has been here 34 years; her aunt from California brought her over. 

26:55       END SIDE 1




0:43         Motherís last name was Arambarri, (canít understand first name) born Oct. 12 1892 died April 26, 1975, married December 7, 1922.  Married in Elko.  She worked for the McBride family before she was married

1:56         dad came in 1917

2:08         Dad overshot Elko and ended up in Winnemucca; Pete Jauregi in Elko was supposes to give him a job.  Took the train back to Elko, but it stopped in Battle Mountain and he heard that  Jenkins was looking to hire somebody, so he stayed in Battle Mountain and worked for Jenkins as cooks helper

2:45         all the western US was California to those guys

3:08         his nickname was panadero he was a baker in the Basque Country

3:42         Martin Canyon; sheep

4:17         was in Battle Mountain for a few years; before he married he had sheep with partners Johnny

Aguirreís dad and Isidro Iriola (?)

5:05         parents met in Elko; married in 1922, her brother Pete was born 9 months later; her parents raised two of her cousins, the Onaindias; their dad died in a fire; Joe was 7, his brother was 6; Pete was 2 and she was 3 months old ; lived out on a ranch in Lamoile (Stachetís(?))

7:12         now says their dad died of pneumonia; the mother worked at a hotel, Anita Onaindia sister of boys who lived with Maryís family

8:31         1937

8:37         Jack Creek was the first place her parents lived, then was partners with Stachet, Stachetís wife was her aunt

9:39         her dad leased the Star Hotel; was in a court case with the Stachets, uncle John gave him the money to buy the Star hotel 1937-43, but later bought a ranch in Lamoile

10:43       Mary started waiting on tables in the 8th grade; there was no menu or anything, worked with cousin Anita

11:07       dad tended the bar. Mom did some cooking, but had hired cooks- Castor Elordieta, Prudencio, but they called him Louis, Elordieta lives in Reno now

11:53       women are better cooks- take more pride

12:17       every Thursday night had chicken with Spanish rice, fresh fish every Friday.  Wing had Chinese grocery store; halibut, cod bought from Meredithís fish market in Sacramento;

13:32       Star hotel, keeping meat; didnít have refrigeration

14:20       more work for the woman; wax hardwood floors on Saturdays, polish floors everyday, used cloth tablecloths every Sunday, washed and ironed

15:49       didnít hire anybody to wait on tables, she and Anita did it or mother did it

16:12       hotel rooms

16:32       family lived on main floor

16:47       brother didnít work at hotel

17:06       Jack Creek; brother got 40 some stitches in head from a fall, appendix ruptures, heat stroke

18:05       when dad bought ranch in Lamoile when Pete was about 15, he helped in the summer

18:15       school and grades

18:50       played at Maizcorenaís

19:26       language spoken at home, English- parents spoke Basque to each other; Mary loved the lifestyle, made 8 dollars a day in tips

20:49       Mary picked up some Basque in the last 15 years with Ana Mari

21:20       was busy as a teenager, working, didnít hang around

21:43       Anita, Candida, Josie, Felisa Maizcorena

22:28       same herders always came back, gave good tips; spent it all, candy, clothes; bought at Beardsleyís and Bruceís the high tone places

27:07       Raymond Gartiz had gas station

24:30       parents had the Star from 1936 to 1941

25:05       boarded at the Star when family was at the ranch to finish high school.  Anita worked at Anacabeís too

26:02       Pio Achabal

26:10       Pierre Escada (?) was dadís partner at Star and then Pete Brusa (?) married Adele Hasquet whose parents owned the Nevada Hotel.  Ernie Hasquet.

27:04       Aldazabal

27:50       Mary worked at Dupontís at 33 Ĺ cents per hour

28:24       big New Yearís Eve dances.  Hernandez played. 

29:00       Flora Hasquetís husband (Manuel?) was killed.

30:09       live band, sandwiches at midnight, didnít charge for the dances, made money on drinks

30:59       Mary and friends didnít dance

31:22       her dad didnít want her hanging around the bar with drunks

31:15       in the winter when it was slow the herders would hang around and play cards

32:21       local people, regular customers came to dances, Joe Mack, Gallaghers, etc.

32:57       in 1937 dinner cost 35 cents; went up to 50 cents and 65 on Sunday, when they left it was 90 on Sunday, 75 during the week

33:21       had pie on Sundays and raviolis and fried chicken; fish on Friday

33:53       didnít have steaks in those days, stews, soup, salad, vegetable, meatloaf, meatballs

34:20       bread from French bakery 10 cents a loaf

34:51       burgundy wine

36:26       parents gave credit to sheepherders down on their luck

37:10       10 cents to go to the movie

37:28       some Basque women stayed there

37:58       Jauregui

38:00       hotel safe

38:30       sheepherders stayed there in the winter

39:05       Lamoile sold ranch in 1948, Aunt Mary Jauregui came back from Spain with uncle Tony, the Nevada Hotel was for sale, but it had to be moved, aunt convinved Maryís dad to buy it and go in partners

39:39       bought it from Red Ellis; her dad really wanted to retire

40:19       partnership didnít work out well

40:38       END SIDE 2