Chroniclers: Irene Arboloa, Mary Arla,

Interviewer: Mateo Osa

Reno, NV


Subject: Alturas, Santa Fe Hotel


Side 1

00:05- 17:28 Hotel Espaņol. Across street from Reno Meat Market. Handball court on the corner. Directions there. Other businesses in area. Description of Toscano Hotel, parents significant features in community. Partners with Hotel Espaņol owners, Santa Fe owners. Bar and restaurant for herders only. Her mother was very religious. Owner of the Commercial noted. The travel of the sheepherders and significance of the Reno Basque Hotels. Alturas, 1929 Boarding House - description.


17:30- Santa Fe Hotel. Prohibition days, mother's cooking chorizos. Food in general, description of father. Prices of food in Alturas Hotel, Santa Fe Hotel. Demographics of customers in hotels, rates. History of the families owning the hotels. Life for the little girls. History of the Santa Fe, life there. Mary played accordion, learned Basque songs. Pleasure she derived seemed a great thing. What nights were like in the Santa Fe Hotel.


History of the Santa Fe Hotel with mixed management. Music played at Santa Fe. How family functioned. What hotel kept for the herders. Mary hated moving away from the hotel, played cards with herders when she wasn't making beds. Division of labor in the Santa Fe Hotel between sexes. How girls felt about living there during high school. What languages spoken at school, learning English. How the hotel life has changed for the children living there 1949-current. Business decisions post-Spain, move to Reno over Elko. Tape ends. 47:00


Side 2

00:00- continuation of tape... Language for the girls. Life after high school for girls. Stopped at 7:31.