Chronicler: Louis Erreguible

Interviewer: Miel Anjel Elustondo

Location: Reno, NV

Date: 23/05/98

Language: Spanish

Duration: 00:31:15

Track 1


Indexes, translations and sound byte files by Pedro J. Oiarzabal


00:00:15           He came into the US in 1948. He was born August 25th 1926 in Mauleon (Zuberoa). In San Francisco there used to be more people from Zuberoa (e.g., Dominique Laxalt from Tardes). He was in the WWII in Germany when he was 20 years old.

00:03:58           He had two aunts here, his father’s sisters. One of them married to a Spanish person, Justo Muñoz. He worked in restaurants from the beginning. He did not work with sheep.

00:06:20           His grandfather spoke in Basque but he did not learn Basque.

00:06:54           He began to work in restaurants in Reno. He worked in Bordeaux in his aunt’s restaurant and there is where he learnt to cook. 28 years ago he opened his own restaurant, ‘Louis Basque Corner’. He also worked as carpenter for many years.

00:10:04           Louis Basque Corner is also a hotel where the waitresses wear traditional Basque dresses.

00:12:50           His chef Alex Zabalegui has worked for him over 20 years. He met him since the first time that he came. Not only Basques came to the restaurant. Typical Basque menu. But not identical menus, lack of some ingredients (e.g., fresh fish, quality wines).

00:23:11           Success of Louis’s Basque Corner is how Louis treats the people.

00:25:58           He remembers his first days in America. After one night working with Ormaechea in Fallon as a sheepherder, he left that work and his uncle forced him to fin a job within two weeks. The next day he began to work in a French restaurant. He learnt Spanish back in France from his mother (Spanish, Aragon) and the Spanish workers that crossed the border to work in the shoe making companies in Mauleon.

00:28:25           About the picon drink. French tradition but not a Basque drink.

00:30:33           The success of the Basque restaurants is due to the good food. Americans love this food.

Chronicler: Louis Erreguible

Interviewer: Miel Anjel Elustondo

Location: Reno

Date: 23/05/98

Language: Spanish

Duration: 00:14:52

Track 2


00:01:55           He talks about his grandchildren. He remembered his most difficult times in the US, particularly with his family. He left his family’s house in Reno and he went to live with Ramon Ornage (?) from Baigorri. He married 40 years ago.

00:05:11           He had a happy life in the US. He and Joe Mulian (?) loved to sing.

00:08:12           He remembers Clark Gable. Gable while working in Lake Tahoe, he used to eat to a restaurant where he used to work. He sang one day and Gable gave him $20 as a tip.

00:09:05           Louis talks about his wife. She was born in Napa. Both went to a party in the Santa Fe Hotel. There he sang as usual and he was invited to sing in another party and he was offered to work in Broadway.

00:11:35           He remembers about how that a woman sent him a contract to sing in her restaurant.

00:12:08           Louis talks about his family. He had a daughter. Basques will not loose their identity. Perhaps the second generations will loose their identity. His 2 brothers and 3 sisters live back home. A brother works with him. A sister lives in Sparks.