Chronicler: Ethel Hornbarger

Winnemucca, NV


Interviewer: Gretchen Holbert


Side 1

01:31- 10:00 Parties, winemaking. Family info, hotel. Info on dad, what did when he got to US. Lived in Galconda, and Eden Valley. Trapping for the government. Moved to Winnemucca, bought hotel with a partner and owned until it burned. Busch Hotel > where it was, other hotels in the area. Description of the hotel and those years.


10:01- 20:43 After hotel burned, father bought the Gem Bar. Also had a boarding house and a dining room, possibly a bar. Kind of like the Martin Hotel, what she was able to remember; how rooms looked, childhood. Where lived around seven years old, description of the fire that destroyed it. Right before Ethel's first communion. Afterwards, father had Gem Bar, Scotty's Club, Robeson's Ranch where they lived in the summer. Had to cook because mother was bedridden all summer for the whole crew. Had to do laundry also. Large age difference between her and her siblings, had to take care of them after school and cook breakfast.


20:44- 30:55 Father owned another ranch when she was around 6. Family life, depression times. Life was hard, dad lost the Robeson Ranch. What mother did for entertainment, special events (parties). How sheepherders lived, most blew their money in town right after they got their check. Recollection of some of the men who stayed in their boarding house. Like "part of the family". Mother's friends, never could remember her mother being idle. Ethel did most of the shopping because mother could not speak english well. Mother spent most of her time at home so she never decided to learn english (instead knew French, Spanish, basko). About 1/3 of people in Winnemucca were Basque at the time. Ethel spoke a little of everything, Basque, English, Spanish....


Side 2

00:06- 10:33 What Ethel remembers as a child, school life, pastimes. More of what mother did, after she died, Ethel had to iron, cook, clean etc. Father became upset when Ethel went away with her husband because there was nobody to take care of the kids and household. Often had a housekeeper to take care of the house until Ethel came home after school. Mother dying had profound effect on family. Mother wouldn't accept a nurse or going to the hospital, and Ethel had to take care of her a couple of months until she died. What Ethel wanted to do when she was in high school, but got married. Could read and write French, Spanish and English. About home languages, what spoke when certain people were there.


10:35- 23:57 About her siblings' language skills. Makeup of Winnemucca (French and Spanish Basques) at the time of her parents establishing themselves. Difference between French and Spanish Basque languages. Her father moved in a woman when Ethel left house, but then remarried a lady named Lucille Extegoyen. Father was overwhelmed with his children after Ethel left. All the children were good in school, successful and intelligent. Two of her siblings even got scholarships to college. Ethel learned how to crochet as a little girl and cook from her mother. What kinds of food her mother made, (lamb, chorizos, roast pork, beef, pork in lard, crepes suzettes, etc.). Now cooks the way her husband likes food, German.


24:00- Other functions her mother would take care of, butchering, gardening, taking care of domestic duties. Otherwise, she would make handwork. Her mother learned that stuff in France, in Basque country they never wasted anything. Ethel's step-aunt lives in Pamplona, often they would come over to be either housekeepers or brides.