Chroniclers: Mary Labourde/ Alice Evans

Eureka, NV




Side 1

00:04- About a guy named Landa. The French Hotel, how long they stayed there. There was a flood during that time (1926), Model T's floating down the street. It was a cloudburst, killed 2 people. People in Eureka at the time, businesses. No miners in the Basque Hotel. About 1927 they bought the Eureka Hotel after the French Hotel. They almost went back to Idaho, but instead stayed in Nevada and bought the Eureka Hotel. 21 rooms in the Eureka, dining room, bar. There were tunnels underneath the hotel, used either for provisions or a Chinese opium den. Living situation in the hotel, how it was when they moved there. The bathtub they used for bathing.


11:05- Used to stop in Boone Springs. In hotel until High School, had hotel from 1927-1945. Sold the hotel to another Basque. Charged $30/mo for boarders, $.50 a meal. Raviolis on sunday, homemade ice cream, fried chicken. Butcher shops didn't used to sell chicken, so had to raise them yourself. Often, butchers would only sell beef. More food. Where got vegetables from, made ham, bacon. Mother cooked, girls made the beds. One bathtub, ladies' room, men's room. 2 dining rooms (family style, short orders). In the fall, would have the most boarders. Sent the laundry in to a laundry shop. Sometimes made 50-75 lunches a day for boarders and miners. What made up the lunches (2 sandwiches).


21:53- What kind of person to work in the hotels. A thankless job, didn't get too involved in herder's lives. However, still took them to the bank and doctor, etc. Parties at the hotel, father was very sociable. At least once a month they would have dances. Dances at the hotel (Jota, etc). What they played for the dances (accordion, harmonica). Girls didn't know any English when they went to school, but then forgot Basque after school. About a priest in the area, what he believed about learning languages. About her father, how he learned English. Father did bartending sometimes, was also in sheep for a while. 1936 was the low point for sheepherding in Eureka, had to give the sheep back to the bank. About a CCC camp that was near Eureka, effect of depression on the town. Moving out of the hotel, how it felt. One year they were snowbound (1932), had to feed 30 people there.


Side 2

00:02- How many loaves of bread she baked every morning. What mother's day was like: woke up at 6am, made coffee, made breakfast for the herders (hotcakes, bacon, eggs, etc.), fixed lunch, was often a big meal (soup 2x a day). Would make bread in the morning, let rise and cook for dinner. For dinner; stew, roast, ravioli on Sundays (supper at 6pm). When they could find a cook that was reliable, she could afford not to cook and would handle other stuff. The colonnade hotel at the time was empty. The Colonnade had burned before they arrived at the Eureka hotel. After dinner, would wash dishes, mop floors, iron clothes. Sometimes would have drinks afterward, stay up until guests went to bed. Other people, cut out. Maybe had a few boarding ranch kids, and very few tourists. Change in traffic between Ely and Eureka. Sometimes people would come in because they needed to see the doctor.


09:53- After they finished the Eureka Hotel, they bought the Nevada Club. Since most people in town didn't want to eat Chinese, she ended up cooking for a whole restaurant. Finally had refrigeration. Bought the Nevada Club in 1948, was right across the street from the Eureka Hotel. Had the Nevada Club for 18 years, then went to Reno and Pocatello and then returned to retire to Eureka. Sold the Nevada Club in 1963, mom was sick. The adjustment to a small house from a hotel missed the work but didn't miss the people (except dad). Dad belonged to the Lion's Club and Elk's Club and volunteered cooking for all the events. About Angela (Alice's) son, what he does for a living, her daughter. Some drivel, cut out. People Alice's parents helped in the old days (people down and out). How the hotel was laid out (kitchen, dining room, etc.). About the current owners of Eureka Hotel. A lady who was murdered owned the Eureka at one time.


18:15- Hotels in Austin, the International. There was another one named the Hogan Hotel. Perhaps no Basque hotels in Austin. There is a new mine in Austin; people come by Eureka to buy groceries. About other people. 23:00 Alice's mom worked in another place a long time ago, just cooked in this place (no bed making).