Chronicler: Mary Lartirigoyen


Subject: Background of Basques in Surprise Valley


1:00 - 4:14 Parental background


5:35 - 10:17 How parents met, when married. Based in Gerlach in winter, leased land (Mt. Bidwell & Washoe Co., Pershing Co.) in the summer.


10:19 - 12:50 Mother's functions, when parents came to area.


13:00 - 17:08 Other Basque families in the area. Rooming and boarding situation in area for bachelor herders. Businesses owned by the various families.


18:21 - 22:28 Living arrangements for the family (women and men). Who practiced ranching (cattle). Where most of the men were from. Family that came and worked.


22:30- 28:20 Where most herders came from, French Basques in Alturas area. Relations between Basque people, families. Where they met, when they met. Religion in Alturas, windows in church. Feelings of Basque culture being followed today.


Track 2:


00:08- 07:40 Mom's language, young life. Dad and relationship with Cattle ranchers in area. Playing with cards. Betting and/or gambling in Basque culture. Industry caused migration? Or something else? Were Basques more interested in America or Basque homeland, why did they leave valley? Legislation caused death of Sheepherding business. Many switched to cattle operations, where many went. Her father's sheepherding.


9:10- 9:30 Basques well-liked,


10:10- 14:10 Basque bar popular because of hospitality, cooking, etc. What Basques did for entertainment, Father's operation, domestic situation. More father's business.


15:20- 17:10 Life for Mary after parents' deaths.