Chronicler: Jose Lekuona

Interviewer: William Douglass


Date: August 12th, 1968

Track 1

Duration: 00:23:32

Language: Spanish


Indexes, translations and sound byte files by Pedro J. Oiarzabal


00:00:24           Jose talks about his experience in Australia. He went to Australia in 1930. He was 18 years old. Her mother gave him some money to cover the travel expenses. He went with his uncle and a friend to Ingham, to the Spanish Boarding House.

00:02:45           After arriving in Brisbane, they went to Ingham. He began working for an Italian man, Francisco Giovanni, in a farm. He learned Italian. He stayed there for two years.

00:04:38           Then he worked in a sugar plantation, cutting sugar cane for a year. He came back to Ingham where he cut sugar cane for four years.

00:05:31           Afterwards he worked for two years, for a man from Murelaga-Aulestia. He did not have any difficulty in finding a job as a sugar cane cutter for different plantations.

00:07:50           He got the Australian citizenship in 1938. Jose and his friend Antonio Mendiolea bought a tractor and during two years they built two military landing fields.

00:09:40           He was called into the military service. It was wartime. He spent two years in the army. Afterwards he continued working for the army. He came back to Ingham to work in a sugar plantation. It was the year of 1945.

00:15:10           In 1946 he worked in a sugar plantation.

00:16:35           He came back home.

00:17:37           He talks about the dangers of rabbit’s plagues for the sugar plantations in Queensland.

00:19:12           He talks about Basques in Ingham. There were many of them in the area. There were not Basque Hotels.

00:21:14           At that time there was not a fronton, however now there is one at five miles from Ingham.