Chroniclers: Jesus & Frances Pedroarena

Interviewer: Miel A. Elustondo

Location: Minden, NV

Date: 05.6.95

Track 1

Duration: 00:31:16


Indexes, translations and sound byte files by Pedro J. Oiarzabal


00:00:01     Jesus talks about the cancellation of the Kantari Eguna-Festival 1995 edition due to the lack of participation. The club decided to study the possibility to combine the Kantari Eguna and the festival for future editions.

00:02:06     He talks about the future of the Basque culture in Minden-Gardnerville. Many members are getting old and many have died. The young people are acquiring a much deeper understanding of the Basque culture.

00:03:16     He and Frances talk about Gardnerville population and geographical situation. They believe that there are less than 500 Basques in the area. However, the activities organized by the club attract many people from Reno, San Francisco, Los Banos, etc.

00:05:45     They mention the Basque names of the streets due to a German rancher who employed many Basque people.

00:06:36     They believe that the past was more Basque than the present. There were many Basques (as sheepherders) in the past. There was even a fronton until 1947 that belonged to the French Hotel owned by a Basque family.

00:08:05     Basque people keep visiting Gardnerville because it is a small village and there are many attractions in the areas, for example fishing, gambling etc…

00:09:45     There are many people from San Francisco and L.A. that are moving into Gardnerville, and then, perhaps more Basque people will join Basque activities.

00:10:20     Jesus talks about the importance of the club for Basque culture maintenance and how everything has changed since the disappearance of boardinghouses.

00:11:42     He talks about the important role of boardinghouses to keep the Basque community together. People get together three times a year and it is difficult to socialize all Basques like before. There is not a Club House for the Basques in Gardnerville. There is a future project to build a house but it is extremely expensive.

00:15:30     They talk about tree carvings and the work of Joxe Mallea.

00:16:00     They discuss how well the Basques get on among themselves. There are not problems due to the regional differences of the Basques. The Club welcomes also non-Basque people.

00:19:00     Jesus and Frances talk about other Basque Festivals, which include the Jaialdi in Boise, Idaho. Most of the Festivals are directed to Basque local people. Gardnerville’s Basque picnic includes also non-Basque members and non-Basque people.

00:23:00     The Gardnerville’s Basque festival includes: a mass, lunch, rural sports, dances, games for children, Kantari Eguna, dance, food, etc. The menu includes: salad, beans, lamb stew, chicken, paella, dessert, wine, and coffee. They do not have their own musicians, so they come from San Francisco. Jesus does not like to include other kind of dances and music in their Festival, as it is a Basque Festival.

00:31:00     Finally, Jesus discusses the lost of the language because it was not  of any help for them.