Chronicler: Anna Tremewan

Interviewer: Gretchen Holbert

Elko, NV


Subject: Overland Hotel


Side 1

00:01- Anna never felt different from other kids. People didn't think about those things as much then. Also, didn't bring friends home much because there was so much work to do. Often, would have a cook (a man) and everyone else would work the restaurant. If they had a maid, sometimes would do some things. Dad handled the books, bar. Used to play Moose, Muscat, etc. Anna thinks that it was a good business, one of her brothers went to Notre Dame, Santa Clara but never graduated college. Brothers; Frank, Ray, Maryann, Sara, Anna, Pete, Augustine, Or? The boys were more important in the eyes of father, they got more things for themselves. Women were taught to cook, clean and crochet, etc. What her children's lives were like. Her childhood was happy, had each other to spend time with. When her two youngest siblings were born they were extremely spoiled. Her sister was taught to drive when she got a job, made dad mad. Father always had a car, took everyone somewhere on Sundays. Her father wouldn't ever let his sons have a car. Went fishing a lot for recreation.


09:55- Functions of the hotel helping herders. Banking, medical, etc. About town life. Prohibition times, raids and communication to warn of raids. Parties in the hotels, at the Telescope particularly. Also had a handball court. What the Telescope was like, the owners of it. Father and mother danced the Jota, but Anna never learned. Some more about Frank, his talents. His war exploits and how he changed. Used to sing for everything, all events. Anna's school, wasn't good in school because she was working so hard. Often after working all night she would do her studies. Some nights had to do laundry after working all night instead of studying.


18:13- Some of the hotels would sell things, the kids would sneak into the bar and steal candy. Augustine would steal flowers and give them to the bartender for a drink of beer. About Anna's anniversary celebration, pictures they had for it. A story, cut out. Anna's Spanish speaking, all the kids she went to school with. The kids didn't know English when they went to school. Another story: Gretch's mom's first day in school. Stopped at 27:35