Adeleida Viscarret Tape 2




0:20†††† collectorís items, records, comics, etc.

0:45†††† theater, cards, mus

1:17†††† going to get bread for a nickel

1:38†††† mus

2:05†††† the Blue Jay, Johnny Lagurza (?), Pete Amestoy, Gipuzkoa

2:50†††† briska and mus

3:07†††† teaching mus at music camp

3:19†††† Zaga brothers won competition between Boise and Elko; Steve Goicoechea and Zagas

3:43†††† wood chopping, relay

5:11†††† END SIDE




0:25†††† things they took out of hotel when they leased it

1:13†††† hotel bathrooms

1:55†††† people didnít go out to dinner; occasionally an anniversary

2:24†††† divorce party thrown there by Micky McDermitt

2:39†††† French Basque party for people returning to France; live music

3:06†††† didnít dance the jota too much; a few did it, Mariano and Katrin, Leonís sister

3:34†††† non-Basques came to dances; acceptance of Basques

3:51†††† did ďSpanishĒ dances like Rancho Grande, cuadrille, La Paloma, La golondrina and one jota, lots of waltzes, fox trot, tangos, polkas; on records.†

5:13†††† weddings, small weddings sometimes, not much of that.† They didnít have many outside people

5:50†††† pigs feet (xerri xango), blood sausage, tongue, chorizos, tripe

6:00†††† killing pigs and lambs

6:38†††† ate sheepís head

7:41†††† Telescope

7:50†††† bacalao, frog legs, sweet breads

8:27†††† used to exchange pictures, they used to visit each other on Sundays

9:07†††† book of Basque people (Sol Silenís book probably)

10:04†† Ralph and Lydia Garcia

10:30†† Calzacorata, Lostra, Madarieta, 1917 book published

10:54†† hotels in Elko; Telescope Celso Madarieta might have owned it; the Star Ė Jaureguis or Arrascadas

11:45†† Albert Garamendi, Plazas had Clifton Hotel

12:18†† Clifton was a Baque hotel

12:29†† the Amistad Hotel by the Star and Wings

13:08†† Aguirre girl was writing an essay about the Nevada Hotel because her grandpa had it

13:47†† Hasquet; Marge Wanderlik was a Hasquet.† They leased to them.

14:27†† Lucas family went to Reno and then to Spain

14:44†† after selling the hotel dad had rental units and then worked for the Western Pacific Railroad; worked at the overland dealing 21; worked for the city, too.† Worked with her brother as a carpenter.† She also worked for the railroad for 21 years.

15:34†† worked for railroad right after high school

15:53†† prohibition; had liquor for tenants

16:20†† women drank orange and strawberry crush

16:30†† sold cigars

17:05†† not too many women ate there

17:30†† coŮac

18:18†† in spring the Mexican shearers would come and stay at the hotel

18:44†† average day at hotel; get up early, Serafina was the cook; was the boss in the kitchen.† Workers stayed there.† International Market used to deliver groceries.

19:56†† breakfast, bacon and eggs for boarders.† All meals were big.

20:30†† cook made desserts; sponge cakes, cafť con leche

21:16†† chorizo and lukainka French Basque; lukainka not as spicy.† Picnic chorizos are not like

her momís.† Hung chorizos in basement to dry, making chorizos, casings, grinder, etc.

22:42†† morcillas.† Biltoki has morcillas sometimes.

23:28†† in the old days they used to serve more morcillas, tongue; Toki Ona outside of Carson City

24:00 † donít serve brains anymore, donít serve much tripacallos anymore

24:55†† Domingo Osamiz

25:05†† Overland Hotel in elko

25:28†† Basque bars; Blue Jay is a bar that has dinners now

26:30†† Mary Aguirre; her parents had the Star

26:50†† old country women were really popular with the men